How to Capture Attention with Compelling Headlines

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How to Capture Attention with Compelling Headlines

Compelling Headlines

Headlines are everything. It can even be argued that the headline is more critical to the success of an article than the actual content within it. There is such an abundance of information being put in front of every person at all times, that it becomes difficult to sift through the noise. Whether it’s a post to your Facebook page, a blog post on your website, or even an email subject line, it’s essential to grab your audience’s attention with the headline, or your content doesn’t stand a chance. Here are my tips to help you capture your audience’s attention.

Is your headline clear?

Be concise. Be clear. Get to the point. You don’t want any confusion or ambiguity about the content or offer.

Is it relevant?

Your headline should perfectly match the content it promises. It shouldn’t be misleading, or simply “click bait”.

Is it empathetic?

Think of why your prospect would read your article. What solution does it fulfill for the problem or concern they might have?

Knowing exactly who your ideal prospects are becomes critical in the headline-writing process. Strong headlines capture their attention because it is either relatable, addresses a concern, piques their interest, or solves a problem; then offers a solution.

Think of it this way:

Before you write your headline, it’s important to know who you are speaking to before you say anything.

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Take extra care to consider what headline will grab your audience’s attention the most, and make sure that it describes your content in an honest, yet attractive, way.

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