The Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page

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The Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page

Landing Page vs Home Page

The central idea that sets apart a landing page from your homepage is its objective. The primary objective of your home page is to inspire the visitor to go to another page that satisfies their informational needs. This could be your products and services, to learn more about your company, or to get in touch with you.

A landing page is fundamentally different. Its purpose is to BE the page that satisfies the visitor’s informational needs. It has one distinct offer and an easily digestible path for the visitor to fulfill their purpose for visiting.

Facebook Ads with Purpose

Your social media ads should reflect this purpose. Do you want your target audience to read your blog post? Download your eBook? Subscribe to your blog? Sell your product?

None of these examples would have good results if your visitor ends up on your home page after clicking your ad. The visitor clicked on your ad for a reason; they should get it easily without having to search for what they came for.

Have One Clear Path to Fulfill

After clicking your ad, your visitor should land on a page that is easy to get what they came for. If they saw an ad to download a valuable PDF for free, it should be as easy as possible to get it. If you have a webinar, it should be simple to register, without unrelated distractions, like navigation and external links.

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Overall, the goal of your landing pages should be to convert website visitors into leads. Ensure you’re taking a different approach to the different goals of your web pages in your marketing efforts.

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