5 Key Components to a High-Converting Landing Page

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5 Key Components to a High-Converting Landing Page

Landing Page Components

The key to landing pages are their simplicity. With distractions to leave the current page or view other information, you risk cluttering the mind of the visitor, which ultimately lead to lower conversion rates.

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Here are 5 key components of a high-converting landing page.


Or the lack there of. Typically, landing pages have no navigation to keep the visitor on the task at hand: converting into a lead or sale. Keep your pages simple so that your visitor only leaves that page after they’ve converted.


Your headline should be clear and concise, of both meaning and connection to ad/post the reader just saw or clicked. Whether it’s a Facebook Ad or Google Ad, it needs to make sense.

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The subheading is optional, but it should compliment your headline and serve as a segue to the content that follows it.

Image or video

Similar to the subheadline, the image or video must compliment the landing page’s offer. If it’s a product, like an ebook or a product, show it. If it’s a service or a webinar, show a video to help convey the offer.

Trust Indicators

Your prospects should be able to trust your brand before deciding to convert. Trust indicators like testimonials, statistical evidence, privacy policies, and other trust worthy symbols will add credibility to your offer. It’s also an optional part, however, depending on the offer, it can go a long way.

Since every business and offer is unique, there isn’t a “best framework”. That being said, these are necessary components to help you build your framework that will keep visitors engaged on the page so they convert.

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