How to Use the Facebook Pixel to Create High-Converting Ads

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How to Use the Facebook Pixel to Create High-Converting Ads

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Advertising provides amazing opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your website, sell your products and services, and bring awareness to your business. Your ability to reach your ideal client or customer has never been more available than right now. Here’s how the Facebook Pixel will increase the success of your ad campaigns.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is simply a short piece of code that lives on every page of your website that works in the background. You can’t see it, but it can do some amazing things for your advertising.

It anonymously tracks your website visitors’ activity and links it with their Facebook profile. This can be anything from what pages they visit, to what stage they are in the buying process. From this data, you can create audience segments that you can market toward, each with different messages depending on what they have looked at. This is something called retargeting.

Why use retargeting?

Retargeting means putting an ad in front of someone who has already interacted with your content. It may seem a little creepy, like those ads that follow you around the internet; however, it works.

You have the ability to put relevant content and offers in front of people who know you and exclude the people who may have never heard of you. This is where the magic happens, because there are instances where you wouldn’t put the same ad in front of someone who has expressed interest, and someone who doesn’t know you.

So, if you’ve looked at a pair of shoes online, you will likely see an ad offering a discount, or reminding you that they still exist. The company wants you to visit their website because since you’ve expressed interest, you’re more likely to purchase.

The Facebook Pixel is incredibly helpful for retargeting purposes. It gives you the opportunity to separate your audience into different groups.

Here’s an example:

If you were a dentist, your website could have a different page for different services like teeth cleaning, whitening, dentures, and so on. With the Facebook Pixel installed on all your website pages, you can create a segment of people, called a “Custom Audience”, who have visited the Teeth Whitening page.

Since Facebook knows that these people have visited your website, been interested in your whitening service, you can create a Facebook Ad that retargets those people. You can create an ad offering a 20% off teeth whitening and put it in someone’s news feed that has not only heard of your company, but visited your teeth whitening page.

This is called retargeting; it’s a powerful way to connect to your audience with relevant content and offers. Even if you had a blog post that said something like “5 Benefits to Having Whiter Teeth”, you could retarget that content to the Teeth Whitening Page visitors. It’s a silly blog example, but I just want you to start thinking about how you can create relevant content and offers that relate to your products and services.

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