Why You Should Start Building and Scaling Your Email List

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Why You Should Start Building and Scaling Your Email List

Building You Email List

How are you keeping in touch with your leads and customers? Whether they are a lead or customer, you have to continue to nurture the relationship with them. One of the essential strategies of an online business is to have an email marketing strategy and build your email list.

For example, you own a hair salon. A customer comes in, they get a hair cut. You may not see them for another few weeks or months. In that time, they could try a competitor, get a recommendation to another place, or any number of things that could take them away from you.

Enter the email marketing strategy. You should be asking them for their email address and nurturing that relationship: sending them the latest hair trends of the year, styling tips, best hair products, or anything that relates to your service right to their inbox. There’s even room for promotions, and sales.

When you consistently offer that type of value, you’re not only positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, you’re active and relevant, and showing your customers and leads that you care. Next time that person needs a haircut, who will they think of?

Here are a few important reasons why you should start building your email list:

  1. You have control

You own your email list. No one can ever take it away from you. The search engines or social media pages can change their algorithms or shut down at any moment. Of course, growing your social media following is essential to growing a profitable and engaged audience, however you don’t own it. Fortunately, you definitely own your email list, your email newsletter, and you can send a campaign to your list at any time.

  1. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch

Not everyone is going to check your Facebook, or Instagram everyday, but they will probably check their email. If you have an important update to share, or some content that your audience will find interesting/helpful, you can email them at a moment’s notice.

  1. It builds trust

What’s great about email is that it’s very personal. Your email message can be written almost as if it was you talking directly to the person you’re sending the email to. As you deliver highly-targeted, valuable content, your subscribers will trust you and see you as an expert. Don’t ever, ever abuse this trust.

  1. It can be tracked for analytics

Email marketing campaigns can be tracked down to what the user clicked, where, how many times, and many other attributes. These messages can be tested, segmented, optimized and personalized. You can know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Once tested, you can recreate what worked over and over again.

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