Why GTA Realtors Should Be Sending Out An eNewsletter

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Why GTA Realtors Should Be Sending Out An eNewsletter

How often are you keeping in touch with your leads, buyers and sellers? Do you reach out to them regularly? Every few years? Hope they’re seeing your print material in their mailbox?

If you want to stay competitive in today’s market, you must maintain and nurture the relationship with your past clients or new leads, and maximize the potential to work with you for the first time, for repeat business, or to refer you to a friend.

So what’s one of the main reasons that a realtor will not get repeat business?

They can’t recall the name of the realtor.

This is why it’s absolutely critical to consistently reach out to your clients and leads, otherwise someone else is going to win their business when they are ready to buy or sell.

But how do you maintain a relationship with your database? Electronic, automated newsletters are a game-changer; that is, if done correctly.

Why would they read your email even though they’re in the market to buy or sell? By giving them information that they actually CARE about. That means, deliver valuable and relevant information to your ideal clients, beyond just your services – yet, still related. Streamline your process for creation and distribution of newsletters to save time, effort and money … and increase your RETURN on investment.

Advantages of an eNewsletter

Offering an online real estate newsletter that is packed with valuable content provides several advantages:

  • It is easier to distribute than mail – everything can be done right from your computer
  • It saves money – many email automation software are more cost effective and can distribute a print strategy
  • Track the results more efficiently and effectively – you’re able to see how many people opened it, what they clicked on, how many times they opened it, etc
  • Staying competitive & top of mind – stay in touch and nurture your relationship with your database

You’ll know what content is working, what your database likes and what they respond well to. Conversely, the statistics will show you the areas in which your content needs improvement. In essence, the way your audience responds will show you what content your client database is craving.

To truly know what types of content to create, it’s critical to understand exactly who your ideal clients are, and what content topics will pique their interest or help with a specific challenge related to real estate.

I’ve created this free eGuide for realtors in the GTA to develop compelling content that will skyrocket the engagement of your newsletter content. You must first identify your ideal clients persona.

[DOWNLOAD]: Identify Your Ideal Client For GTA Realtors

If you don’t know me already, my name is Johnny Pomykacz, and I help some of the top realtors all over the Greater Toronto Area with their social media marketing, capturing leads online, and launching monthly eNewsletters with compelling content.

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