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How Top Producers Write Irresistible Eblast Subject Lines

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When you invest your time and resources into producing quality content, you want it to be consumed. As a realtor who is keeping in touch with your database via a monthly newsletter, it’s not only important that your content reaches their inbox, but also that its subject line results in a click.

People do, in fact, judge an email by its subject line. According to MailChimp, the industry average benchmark open rate is about 19% for real estate. That’s not great. I would imagine boring subject lines like “July Newsletter” and “Just Listed – [insert address]!” that contribute to that poor open rate average.

If you want your email newsletter content to reach your database, it all starts with the subject line. Here are a few elements that make up a compelling and irresistible subject line.

1. Curiosity

Everyone likes a bit of mystery. And our mind’s often need resolve. That’s why BlogTO and Toronto Life headlines like, “$3.9 million for a Little Italy semi with an elevator” inspire curiosity. Sometimes, I must verbally say out loud, “No, I don’t need to know this right this second, I will not click”.

My wonder often gets the best of me.

Subject lines that elicit curiosity require you to open the email to get more information; to get that resolve. However, it should not be simply “clickbait”, but rather align perfectly with your brand, as well as the information inside your newsletter. Your subject line should communicate that “you will benefit from this email when you open it”.

2. Urgency

A sense of urgency with an occasion, like an open house or client Zoom event, is an effective way to inspire action and get your email opened. You can articulate this in your subject lines with language that lets your database know there is a window of opportunity and a deadline.

If there is a deadline approaching, or a date for an open house, use that to your advantage.

3. Personalization

Using the person’s name or location adds a feeling of rapport. When using a CRM system, like MailChimp, to send mass emails to your database, you will have the option to add the person’s first name into the subject line, which draws directly from the database’s information on the person.

It’s a handy tool to grab attention; who can resist seeing their own name show up in their inbox?

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4. Storytelling

This is a personalized way of building rapport, which is incorporating stories about your own life, or even your personal opinions. Your clients and leads are looking to you for your opinion on the market, or where they should go to eat, or shop, or most importantly, live.

You are the neighbourhood / city expert. Showcase that by alluding to a story in your subject line. However, they also want to get to know you, and see that you are a real person. So don’t be afraid to seamlessly share personal events or activities happening in your life along side your real estate content.

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5. Relevance & Timing

There are many different content ideas that relate to the time of year or time of month. Is your content relevant to summer activities, like swimming or patio dining? Or perhaps relevant to last month’s market stats? Timing is critical so that your subject lines are cohesive with the subject matter.

The Bottom Line: A Strong Subject Line is the Key to Staying Top of Mind

Staying top of mind with your database of clients and leads means consistently showing up in their lives every month and showing them that you are a valuable resource that they can trust. That way, you can maximize the opportunity for new, repeat, and referral business.


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This has been Johnny Pomykacz. Thanks for reading.

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