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Category: Social Media Marketing

Facebook Pixel

How to Use the Facebook Pixel to Create High-Converting Ads

Facebook Advertising provides amazing opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your website, sell your products ...
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Why Hashtagging Matters

Why Hashtagging Matters in Social Media Marketing

Have you been using hashtags in your social media posts? You see hashtags everywhere; in ...
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How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Better Results

With all of the updates that regularly change within Facebook’s algorithm, it may feel like ...
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Category: Content Marketing

How Top Realtors Maintain Relationships with Their Database

One of the keys to getting more Word-of-Mouth, Repeat and Referral business is by ensuring ...
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How to Easily Develop Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas

When it comes to thinking about creating content, I know it may seem overwhelming and ...
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Why GTA Realtors Should Be Sending Out An eNewsletter

How often are you keeping in touch with your leads, buyers and sellers? Do you ...
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How to Engage Different Audience Temperatures

How to Engage Different Audience Temperatures

Your ideal customers aren’t all at the same stage. Some of your target audience are ...
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Compelling Headlines

How to Capture Attention with Compelling Headlines

Headlines are everything. It can even be argued that the headline is more critical to ...
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Acquire Lead Magnets

How to Consistently Acquire Leads Using a Lead Magnet

Whether you have heard of the term “lead magnet” or not, it is an incredibly ...
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How to Get Started with Ideas for Irresistible Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a powerful and persuasive way to grow your audience. Not only does ...
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Category: Branding and Design

Landing Page vs Home Page

The Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page

The central idea that sets apart a landing page from your homepage is its objective. ...
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Landing Page Components

5 Key Components to a High-Converting Landing Page

The key to landing pages are their simplicity. With distractions to leave the current page ...
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Vector Images

Why You Should Be Using Vector Images for Your Branding

How do you want to convey your first impression? No matter the look and feel ...
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Category: Entrepreneur

Building You Email List

Why You Should Start Building and Scaling Your Email List

How are you keeping in touch with your leads and customers? Whether they are a ...
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Defining Your Ideal Customer

Why You Should Be Defining Your Ideal Customers

Know thy customer. Before you even begin marketing, it’s imperative to know who your audience ...
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4 Advantages of Hiring an Agency Over In-House Employees

Being a successful entrepreneur or business owner requires you to wear multiple hats and put ...
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