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Episode 0:
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Coming soon! A digital marketing show for modern realtors. This is your roadmap for navigating the online world.

Episode Notes

A Digital Marketing Roadmap for Modern Realtors

This show doesn’t contain fluff. It gets straight to the point about how to navigate the online world of marketing in the modern age. This is your roadmap, where Johnny Pomykacz explores what it takes to be successful online, whether you are an individual agent just starting out, or the leader of a large brokerage managing a team of associates.

These are real results-driven tactics and strategies that are broken down into bite sized pieces for you to take step by step.

Topics That Will Be Discussed in the Show

The goal of the show is to spark ideas, and provide you with a broader understanding and imagine the possibilities of how your website, email, and social media can work for you. Here are some of the topics that will be explored.

  • How to use social media to generate leads
  • How to easily create content and use it to engage your client database
  • Maximize the opportunity for repeat and referral business
  • Developing a personalized monthly newsletter to engage your client database regularly

… and much more.

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Online marketing takes consistency and discipline. The tactics might change over time, but the principles and philosophies hold the test of time. Subscribe below to stay up to date with new episodes as they are released, and learn how you can maximize the opportunity for first time, repeat, and referral business using online channels.

We look forward to you joining us.

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A Modern Realtor’s Roadmap to Navigating the Online World