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How Top Realtors Maintain Relationships With Their Database

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One of the keys to getting more Word-of-Mouth, repeat and referral business is by ensuring clients who you’ve worked with or people in your sphere of influence are being exposed to you every month while they are online.

Even clients you haven’t worked with in months or years should be seeing you and your content regularly; and further, engaging with it. Here’s how top realtors maintain relationships with their database by consistently keeping in contact and nurturing the relationship.

Don’t miss out on repeat and referral business

Every lead and client that you’ve worked with has exchanged their contact information with you. At the very least, you have their name and email address. All the top realtors I know and actively work with are leveraging the opportunity to maintain the attention of their database by serving them with content that their database finds interesting, whether it’s educational, inspirational, or entertaining.

They do this in the form of a monthly email newsletter. You own your database and can reach them without spending on advertising costs.

Stay top of mind with a personalized email newsletter

Sending your database an email newsletter is an amazing opportunity to showcase that you are active in your city or neighbourhood, position yourself as a real estate expert, build and maintain trust, and truly reach your sphere of influence on a personal level.

However, you must meet your audience where they are at. After they’ve bought or sold with you, you have to serve them content that will interest them in order to hold their attention and keep you top of mind. If you’re pushing real estate market updates while they aren’t in the market to buy or sell, this type of content is going to be a miss.

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This checklist is a powerful tool for real estate agents. Use this free resource to maximize your opportunity for repeat and referral business through your email newsletter.

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Maintain the relationship with relevant content

What’s relevant to their lives? Do they enjoy going out to the local restaurants? What some hidden gems around their area? Before engaging in the process of creating content for your newsletter, it’s critical to define exactly who your ideal clients are, both past and future.

Once you understand who your ideal client is (and it could be many different types of clients), you can serve them with content that they find interesting. And thus, will pay attention to you.

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It’s not simply knowing their demographics; it’s about knowing and understanding their psychographics. Know their challenges, needs, desires. Where are they spending their time online? What types of content are they consuming? What do they do in their day-to-day lives?

Cultivate repeat and referral real estate business with your email newsletter

When you’re the real estate agent who has kept your database’s attention with relevant and interesting content for months and years after working with a client, you always become the obvious choice. No other realtor will have a chance at stealing business from your database.

Let’s say your client has consistently been delighted by opening your email newsletters that you send every month. It contains subject matter that is applicable to the time and their lives. Anytime real estate gets mentioned in their daily lives, you’re the first person your client thinks of.

A client’s friend wants to sell? Your name is mentioned in the conversation because they’ve regularly engaged with your content. Who’s the expert in your client’s neighbourhood or city? You’re top of mind because you’ve shown that you’re an expert in that area. A client’s parents want to downsize? You’re the go-to agent.

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If you want to maximize the opportunity for repeat and referral business, cultivate attention with content that matters to your client. And deploying a monthly email newsletter is the most time and cost-efficient way to deliver value to your ideal clients.

Measure the results of your newsletter with concrete statistics

With email automation programs, you analyze powerful metrics that matter. You can see who opened your email newsletter, how many times they opened it, what content they clicked on, etc. By sending an email newsletter, you will see concrete evidence of its success, and make strategic adjustments for next month based on the numbers.

Free Download

Newsletter Launch Checklist for Realtors

This checklist is a powerful tool for real estate agents. Use this free resource to maximize your opportunity for repeat and referral business through your email newsletter.

Download this resource

You can even feature a current listing on your newsletter and report concrete results of exposure to your listing client. This is just one advantage of many; the possibilities are endless.

The Bottom Line: top realtors know the power of email newsletters

It’s absolutely critical to consistently keep in touch your past clients and leads if you want to maximize the opportunity for repeat and referral business. Top realtors know this well. Otherwise, someone else could potentially win their business when they are ready to buy, sell, or lease.

However, you need to give your clients a reason to want to pay attention to you. And you do this through providing value with content that is relevant and interesting to them beyond your services. You can do this all while seamlessly integrating your current listings, significant sales, real estate market news and open houses for maximum exposure to buyers and sellers who know you.


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